Martin Schenk, President and Founder

A hard worker and self-motivator, Martin Schenk strongly trusts that “what the mind can believe, it can achieve.” And as an entrepreneur, Martin embodies that philosophy in all of his endeavors, from custom home building, real estate development and more.

In 2013, Martin embarked on his most recent venture after witnessing a struggle that all holiday merry-makers endure. One night at home, Martin saw the hassle that his wife Shelby was going through to crawl behind their Christmas tree to turn the lights on and off. Thinking that there must be an easier way, Martin hunted for a Christmas-themed remote control, to no avail. Putting his philosophy to work, he created Treemote™ – a wireless, user-friendly remote that can control holiday lights up to 80 feet away.

After attending the National Hardware Show, in Las Vegas, in May 2014, 3D-printed prototypes in hand, Martin got his big break when a major Canadian retailer purchased the product in the summer of 2014. Heeding the advice they received at the NHS to make Treemote 25 percent smaller, that Christmas season Treemote sold out! In subsequent years, Treemote has seen exponential growth across Canada and to date, hundreds of thousands of Treemotes have been sold. Martin and his team have even appeared twice on the popular Canadian TV show “Dragon’s Den” to tell their story, with an upcoming third appearance this December.

Today, Martin is the President of Treemote. He runs the business operations of the company and heads all sales and distribution efforts. Under Martin’s leadership, Treemote is expanding across North America into the United States, with plans in the future to make Treemote a global household name.

Fun Facts About Martin

  • Martin splits his time between his homes in Victoria, B.C. and Palm Springs, CA.
  • The very first Treemote prototype is hanging in Martin’s office (the larger one shown on the left).
  • Treemote made its public debut at the Schenk Family Christmas party in 2013.
  • Martin’s Christmas tree is on display year-round and has remained in place since the night
    he had the idea for Treemote. He still turns it on each night with his Treemote.
  • As a puppy, a poodle named Pepper ate almost the entire first wooden prototype; the canine companion