Tim Kane, Vice President

“That’s it! That’s the one,” said Tim Kane in response to Martin Schenk’s idea to develop a tree-shaped remote that would eliminate the need to crawl behind the Christmas tree to plug in and unplug holiday lights each day. It was during that very conversation, while driving together in Palm Springs back in November 2013, that Tim and Martin shook hands and became business partners in the development of the one and only Treemote™.

Working together, Tim and Martin sought the help of a young engineer to bring Treemote to life by creating 3D-printed prototypes. They brought those prototypes to the National Hardware Show, in Las Vegas, in May 2014. It was at the show that the team learned the prototype was too large. Tim took that advice to heart and worked with the engineer to scale down Treemote’s size by 25 percent. In October that same year, Treemote hit store shelves in Canada and was an immediate success. In fact, it sold out!

Today, Tim is the Vice President of Treemote. He heads all of the marketing and communications efforts for Treemote, with specific emphasis on growing the brand in North America.

Fun Facts About Tim

    • Tim and his wife, Sheena, founded Delta Media Inc., in Ottawa, Ontario, in 1991, of which he is Chairman.
    • Tim and Sheena moved to Victoria, British Columbia in 2009 with the intention of retiring.
    • Instead, Tim has since launched Treemote, run as a candidate in the 2015 federal general election, and was appointed to his local municipal police board in 2016. His motto is “retirement isn’t working”.
    • The initial wooden Treemote prototype was partially eaten by his dog Pepper, when she was a puppy.