About Treemote™

In 2013, Martin and Shelby Schenk recognized the hassle of having to crawl behind or under a Christmas tree to turn the lights on and off, and Treemote™ was created – a wireless, user-friendly remote that controls holiday lights from up to 80 feet away.
Working together, Tim and Martin sought the help of a young engineer to bring Treemote to life by creating 3D-printed prototypes. In 2014, Treemote™ appeared on the hit show “Dragons’ Den” and became an instant hit here in Canada. In 2017, Treemote is expanding across North America to the U.S. and is available online and at in-store at retail.

How does Treemote work?

Treemote™ solves the daily task of switching holiday lights on and off by using the wireless Treemote device.

Easy to Install: To begin, plug the white receiver into any wall plug, and then plug a string of lights into the receiver. Using the green tree-shaped remote (batteries are included), lights can be controlled from up to 80 feet away.

Multiple Devices: Treemote can be used to control multiple devices.

Who loves Treemote?

Treemote for Everyone: Since Treemote can be used to control multiple devices, the possibilities for solutions it brings to homes, businesses and Canadian’s lives at all ages are endless: parents looking to amuse their children, those requiring tools to ease their daily living tasks, office holiday set-ups, home décor and for enthusiasts who love the novelty of the Treemote for their gift-giving excitement. Everyone wants a Treemote, everyone must have this product on their gift guide radar.

Where to buy Treemote?

Availability: Treemote is available online and at select retailers nationwide for a MSRP of $19.99.