Common Questions about the TREEMOTE

Q: Are batteries included?

A: Yes the battery is included. Simply PULL the battery protector tab on the back of the GREEN Treemote remote to make the battery connection.

Q: How difficult is it to install?

A: Treemote is simple and easy to install. Just plug the WHITE receiver into any wall plug that you want to use, and then plug the string of lights into the receiver. Using the GREEN Christmas tree remote, you can control the lights from up to 80 feet away.

Q: Can I plug more than one set?

A: Yes you can run a continuous string of Christmas tree lights. Or you can add a splitter to control an additional set of lights in another part of your room, such as in a doorway, or inside a window frame or around a fireplace, for example.

Q: Can I use it for things other than my Christmas tree?

A: Yes, Treemote can be used throughout the year, all around the house to help you control hard to reach lights and small appliances, such as table lamps, fans, radios, etc.

Q: How far will Treemote’s signal reach?

A: Treemote can control your lights from up to 80 feet away, even through wall and around corners.

Q: What type of battery does it take?

A: Treemote takes one A-23 type battery.

Q: What is the return policy?

A: If your Treemote is defective, please return it for a full refund or exchange at your local retailer or place of purchase.

Q: Can I use Treemote outdoors?

A: No, Treemote is approved for Indoor use only.

Q: What if I install more than one Treemote, but I don’t want one Treemote to control the second Treemote?

A: There are Six channels available: A to F. Each package is marked with a Channel letter A to F. If you would like more than one, we would be pleased to ship you packages containing two different channels.

Q: Is Treemote safe?

A: Yes, Treemote is very safe. Treemote is Underwriters Laboratories Listed. Its technology has been used safely for years. Always use Treemote as directed in the enclosed users guide.