A gift that will light up your Holiday season

Santa’s best idea in years: No more crawling under or bending behind your Christmas tree; use Treemote™ instead.

New York, NY — November, 2017 – “Everyone loves Treemote,” says Martin Schenk, the Canadian inventor behind this Christmas tree-shaped remote that wirelessly controls holiday lights up to 24 metres away. With the simple press of a button, it eliminates the hassle of crawling behind or under the Christmas tree, or other holiday decorated areas.

Treemote is easy to install. Just plug the Treemote receiver into the outlet you want to use and then plug the string of lights into the receiver. Treemote also can be used beyond the holiday season on hard-to-reach lights and home decorations.

This proudly Canadian product has become a holiday sensation across North America, with its debut into the American retail market in 2017 following the Canadian product launch in 2014. CBC’s Dragons’ Den has featured the product twice with a third appearance coming this holiday season. Retailers across Canada and the USA are stocking their shelves because they know Treemote will be a must-have product for the family and friends of consumers nationwide.

Since Treemote can be used to control multiple devices, the possibilities for solutions it brings to homes, businesses and Canadians of all ages are endless: those requiring tools to ease their daily living tasks, office holiday set-ups, home décor and for those enthusiasts who love the novelty of the Treemote for their gift-giving excitement.

The Treemote has benefited from wonderful media success in Canada and is set for the same exposure in the USA. A Treemote is available to media for story development opportunities.

Treemote is available for purchase online and on store shelves for a MSRP of $19.99. Resources for the media are available at this webpage.

About Treemote™

The Victoria, BC-based company was founded in 2013. Martin and Shelby Schenk recognized the challenge of having to crawl behind or under a Christmas tree to turn the lights on and off, and thus created Treemote™ – a wireless, user-friendly remote that can control holiday lights up to 24 metres away. For additional information on Treemote™, visit www.treemote.com and connect with us on social media: Facebook and Twitter.

Should you require a Treemote for a story development idea, please see contact information.

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