It all started one fateful evening, in the Victoria home of Martin and Shelby Schenk. Martin overheard and then saw Shelby battle it out, again, with their Christmas tree trying to plug in the lights.

“These darned lights,” said Shelby, contorting her body like a gymnast to move presents and reach for the electrical outlet behind the tree. “This is such a hassle!”

“There must be a better way,” thought Martin. “Some sort of remote to control your Christmas tree lights is what’s needed – a TREEMOTE!”

He then set out to search high and low at his local hardware stores to find one with a Christmas theme. He found lots of fobs that turn lights on and off, but none with a Christmas flavour.

Fast forward to the Spring of 2014, one 1957 yellow Cadillac, cruising the streets of Palm Springs and two couples enjoying the California sunshine. Martin and Shelby had invited their Victoria friends, Tim Kane and Sheena Pennie, to visit their Palm Springs home. It was during this now memorable car ride that Martin explained his idea for TREEMOTE.

Immediately, both Tim and Sheena were taken with the idea – hands were shaken and a business partnership was born.

From the first prototype – an iPhone-sized wooden Christmas tree – to a much smaller, sleeker version, TREEMOTE made its debut in Canadian Tire stores, as well as in pharmacies and grocery stores, in British Columbia, just in time for the 2014 Christmas season. It sold out everywhere!

Since then, TREEMOTE’s reach and popularity have expanded across Canada and this year into the United States.

TREEMOTE has appeared on the hit Canadian investor show Dragons’ Den; twice to pitch, with one Dragon offering to invest, and a third time as part of the show’s ‘Where are they now?’ segment.

As Martin Schenk says, “Everybody loves TREEMOTE!” And from the increasing sales figures, it looks like TREEMOTE is Santa’s best idea in years.