Common questions about Treemote™ & Treemote Outdoor™


Treemote™ and Treemote Outdoor™ both take one A-23 type battery, which is included in the packaging and located inside the remote. It is protected with a battery pull tab, so it is fresh out of the packaging once you pull the tab out.

Treemote™ is simple and easy to install. Just plug the receiver into any wall outlet and plug your string of lights into it. Press the on or off button on your remote to control the lights from up to 100 feet away.

To install Treemote Outdoor™, plug the receiver into any outdoor electrical outlet. Make sure to install with the 2 receiver outlets facing downward to eliminate any water from entering the unit. Connect your outdoor lights and use the remotes on/off buttons to control your lights from up to 100 feet away.

Yes, you can run a continuous string of lights or add a splitter to control an additional set of lights in other parts of your room.

Each Treemote™ and Treemote Outdoor™ package is marked with a specific “Channel” frequency. If purchasing additional Treemotes to control other sets of lights throughout the house, you can easily use 1 remote to control all your lights if the same channel frequencies match.

Please note: Indoor and Outdoor units do not share frequencies. The Indoor transmitters will not be able to operate any of the Outdoor receivers, and vice versa

Yes, Treemote™ can be used year-round on all your hard to reach lights, and other small appliances.

Treemote™ and Treemote Outdoor™ can control your lights from up to 100 feet away through walls, doors, and windows.

If your Treemote™ is defective, please return it for a refund or exchange at your local retailer or place of purchase. Please refer to the store’s return policy on your purchase receipt.

With the Treemote Outdoor™ version, rated for outdoor use, YOU CAN control your Outdoor Lights from indoors! However, the Original Treemote™ is approved for Indoor use only.

Yes, Treemote™ and Treemote Outdoor™ are both UL Listed and Certified by technology that has been used safely for years.

Please see enclosed user guide and only use Treemote™ and Treemote Outdoor™ as directed.

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