President & Founder

Martin Schenk

An entrepreneur at heart, Martin is a hard working, self-motivator, and strongly trusts the saying, “what the mind can believe, it can achieve.” He embodies this philosophy in all his endeavors, from custom home building, real estate development, café ownership, and other projects he has on the go.

In 2013, Martin embarked on this exciting new venture after witnessing a struggle that all holiday merry makers endure.

It was watching his wife crawl under the Christmas tree to plug in the tree lights every night and watching her struggle around the gifts. He decided it was time to put his mind to work and find a solution.

Always thinking of ways to make life a little easier, he developed the idea of a tree shaped remote that would turn the tree and holiday lights on and off with no effort at all. He worked vigorously to create a prototype, and midway through the following year had the very first Treemote™ in hand.

Since then, Martin has gone on to develop the Treemote Outdoor™ version as an addition to the Treemote™ family and all has been a success.

As the President of Treemote, Martin runs the day-to-day business operations of the company and heads all sales and distribution efforts with help from his wife Shelby and sister-in-law Casey from their corporate office in Victoria, BC Canada.

And as Martin likes to say, “Everyone needs a Treemote!”

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